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Concept of the International Gold Embroidery and Jewelry Festival

Bukhara, 21-25 May 2022

Dates: May 21-25 2022

Place: Bukhara city

Organizers: Bukhara regional Administration, Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “Hunarmand” Association and “Uzbekzargarsanoat” Association.

Partners: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan


According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 5098 on April 29, 2021, From 2022, every two years in May, Bukhara will host the International Festival of Gold Embroidery and Jewelry (hereinafter – the festival). The event is aimed at developing the traditions of gold embroidery and jewelry, promoting their unique designs and increasing the tourism potential of the region.

The festival includes exhibitions, contest, theatrical concert programs, cultural, educational, as well as advocacy events and scientific-practical conference on “The Prospects of the development of traditional gold embroidery and jewelry”.

The main tasks of the festival:

  • awarding spiritual and financial incentives of experienced, talented craftsmen working in the field of gold embroidery and jewelry, and making a significant contribution to the development of the industry, preservation and restoration of its unique and disappearing patterns;
  • to accelerate the development of gold embroidery and jewelry in the regions, popularization of best practices, training of young people to gold embroidery and jewelry, creation of new jobs;
  • to bring gold embroidery and jewelry to the international scale as a national brand, to attract tourists through the demonstration of national cultural traditions of our people, to promote the Festival on a global scale;
  • to present a wide range of gold embroidery and jewelry products as household items, exhibit products created by artisans and designers which reflect the history, way of life, traditions of the school of handicrafts of each region;

The main events:

  • exhibition and contest of the local and international artistic brands in the field of gold embroidery and jewelry;
  • master classes with the participation of foreign and local gold embroiders and jewelers;
  • a scientific-practical conference on “The prospects of the development of traditional gold embroidery and jewelry” will be held.
  • within the framework of the festival, from the square of the ensemble “Labi Hovuz” in Bukhara to the territory of the fortress “Ark”, sale of various exhibitions of gold embroidery and jewelry, handicrafts, works of fine and applied arts, documentary films, books, albums and photo exhibitions will be organized.
  • in cooperation with the Central State Archive of Cinematographic and Documentary of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a photo exhibition and screening of documentaries on the history of gold embroidery and jewelry will be organized.
  • during the festival performances of national costumes, theatrical performances, performances of Askiya and entertainers, folklore and folklore groups will be featured;

The following documents are submitted for participation in the Festival:

Candidate’s application for participation in the International Festival of Gold Embroidery and Jewelry should be submitted online on the festival’s website:

  • colored photo of the candidate;
  • a copy of the candidate’s passport;
  • complete background information;
  • not less than 10 quality photos of the products.

Reward procedure

All artisans and companies participating at the Festival with artworks and products are considered as participants of the Contest as well.

The winners of the Contest will be awarded by the Organizing Committee with a diploma, a souvenir and the following prizes:

  • “The best embroidery organization” – $ 5,000;
  • “The best jewelry organization” – $ 5,000;
  • “The best gold embroider” – $ 5,000;
  • “The best jeweler” – $ 5,000;
  • “The best master of embroidery school” – $ 3,000;
  • “The best master of jewelry school” – $ 3,000;
  • “Successor of the ancient dynasty in gold embroidery” – $ 3,000;
  • “Successor of the ancient dynasty in jewelry” – $ 3,000;
  • “Gold embroider restoring ancient traditions” – $ 3,000;
  • “Jeweler restoring ancient traditions” – $ 3,000;
  • “The youngest skilled gold embroider” – $ 3,000;
  • “The youngest skilled jeweler” – $ 3,000.

Jury of the competition:

The jury consists of 7 local and international art critics, experts, scientists, folk art masters and academics.

Exhibition of products and master classes of the participants of the Contest will be evaluated in 12 nominations (“The best embroidery organization”, “The best jewelry organization”, “The best gold embroider”, “The best jeweler”, “The best master of embroidery school”, “The best master of jewelry school”, “Successor of the ancient dynasty in gold embroidery”, “Successor of the ancient dynasty in jewelry”, “Gold embroider restoring ancient traditions”, “Jeweler restoring ancient traditions”, “The youngest skilled gold embroider”, “The youngest skilled jeweler”).

Participant of the conference

Three months before to the date of the conference, the following materials will be submitted to the Organizing Committee via the Festival website:

  • reference (resume);
  • 6×9 colored photo (3 pieces);
  • The report of the conference participant in the volume of 4-5 pages and not less than 300 words (in Uzbek, English or Russian).